November Events Reminder

Of course, one can always consult the “Events” tab above. Nevertheless, here’s a summary of events:

TONIGHT (Wed. 16 Nov.), 8pm, QUIZ NIGHT at the M-Cafe.

TOMORROW NIGHT (Thurs. 17 Nov.) 8pm, Mass at Sint Pieters, followed by PIZZA at Amici Mei, followed by Adoration from 10-11pm back at Sint Pieters.

NEXT FRIDAY (Fri. 25 Nov.) 7pm, American  College Fr. Troy on “Virtues and Spiritual Combat.”

See you there!

Albertus Magnus

St. Albert the Great is patron saint of STUDENTS (and scientists and  the archdiocese of Cincinatti, OH). A Dominican provincial, instructor of St. Thomas Aquinas,  and even at one point Bishop, he spent so much time with the natural sciences of physics, alchemy, minerology, and zoology that some (like Henry of Ghent) accused him of neglecting Theology. A truly well-rounded scholar, Albert exhibited what Newman described as a philosophical habit of mind. Fearless in his pursuit of knowledge, Albert indeed was a doctor universalis. Yves Congar O.P. writes of his confrere:

“Albert believed in the mind.  He perceived a profound harmony between the loftiness of divine life and the world of science and finite human reasoning.  This scholar, even as he argued for the autonomy of the pure sciences, had a special grasp of the reality of the unity of the universe.  There exists a single realm in which the facts of nature and the realities of grace are physically present.”

(Yves Congar, “St.Albert the Great.  The Power and the Anguish of the Intellectual Vocation,” Faith and Spiritual Life, 65.

Santus Albertus Magnus, o.p.n.


The Louvain American Society of Theology (L.A.S.T.) will be holding its first ever PUB QUIZ at 8pm, Wed. Nov. 16 at the M-Cafe by the M-Museum, Leuven. 7 rounds of 10 questions…prize to the winning team! All are welcome! (Email Andrew Meszaros if you have any questions)