Welcome / Van harte welkom!

With the semester about to begin, here’s a warm welcome (back) to Leuven to all incoming and returning students!

The Newman Society has a number of lectures, seminars, and other activities lined up for the semester, so be sure to check out our schedule of events.

Next week, from 24-26 September, Stuk is holding its Opening Festival. So, on Thursday, 25 September, a group of us will head up the street after the 6 PM Mass at St. Kwinten’s to take advantage of their free admission. Join us for Mass or meet us at Stuk sometime after 6:30 PM.

In any case, we hope to see you soon, and we wish you an excellent start to your semester.

A Note to Friends of the Newman Society

Since 2010, I have had the privilege of organizing the LNS in view of integrating the intellectual and spiritual components of the Catholic tradition. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Mr. Brian Lapsa will now take the lead and assume the presidency of the LNS beginning this academic year, 2014, with Mr. Michaël Bauwens as vice president. I wish them all the best, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the new initiatives that will be underway.
Andrew Meszaros
Bl. Newman, o.p.n.

The LNS’s new site!

Welcome to the new site of the Louvain Newman Society! Blog posts will be following shortly. In addition to being a platform for the exchange of ideas, the site also aims to  be a resource for students seeking to integrate their university studies with the Catholic faith.

The Louvain Newman Society (LNS) sponsors a weekly mass at the Pope’s College Chapel every Wednesday at 1:10 pm.  The mass is novus ordo in English (with some Latin of course!)

This semester, the masses will begin Wed., January 19th.