Lectio for Lent

Last Saturday, Fr. Cyril Crawford O.S.B. led the LNS’s March “Newman Night” with his talk “Your Servant is Listening: Praying with Lectio Divina.” Lectio, having been practiced for over 1500 years, has left its mark on the Christian contemplative tradition and, more specifically, on the monastic life. Part of the Benedictine vow, in addition to stability and obedience, is “conversatio morum,” being interpreted generally as a daily conversion or constant adaption of one’s life. Lectio, which fosters this conversion, is a most helpful tool for all of us during this Lenten season.  Having given some very helpful and practical advice on how to actually do it, here are some take-aways from Fr. Cyril’s talk.


Fr. Cyril O.S.B.


  • Lectio is not so much reading accompanied by prayer, but prayer accompanied by reading.
  • Pray as you can, and not as you can’t.
  • Don’t self evaluate (e.g. “Am I contemplating now?)


Q&A after Fr. Cyril's presentation


  • If we take seriously the inspiration of Scripture, then we must take seriously its capacity to speak to us now. As the Holy Spirit breathes into the Scriptures, so too does it breath out through them, and speaks to us through God’s Word.
  • God does not work on our time-table. What may seem to us to be an arid 15 minutes of Lectio can be exactly what God wants for us.
  • The focus of prayer is Whom you are praying to, not the method. Concentrate on the former.


The talk was preceded by Mass



Fr. Stanilaus' Curry afterwards

Fr. Stanislaus' curry afterwards

Thanks to all who participated, and a special thanks to Fr. Cyril. A blessed Lent to All!

For more material on Lectio Divina, click HERE.




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