Het Newman Genootschap van de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Mission Statement

  The Louvain Newman Society is a Roman Catholic organization whose goal it is to assist individuals, particularly students, in deepening their love of Jesus Christ and their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Inspired by  Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, the members of the LNS seek to develop clear heads and holy hearts primarily through worship—liturgical and devotional—and intellectual discussion about the doctrines of the faith. In its faith, the LNS embraces a spirit of frankness and fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. In its worship, the LNS respects and promotes the liturgical norms prescribed by the one same Church. By means of this twofold fidelity exercised in fellowship with one another, the LNS hopes to witness evermore to the ‘Light of the nations’ which is Christ. The Society is open to all who seek his face.

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